The Writing Process: 10 Steps for Coaching Writers


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The Writing Process: 10 Steps for Coaching Writers

How to coach a writer beyond simply correcting copy.

Type: Webinar

Originally broadcast on September 24, 2018

Time Estimate: Each webinar is 20 or 30 minutes.


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How do writers and editors continue to do their jobs well and grow in their craft? One answer is coaching, what has been called the human side of editing. Editing is not just about fixing broken copy. The best editors coach the writer, helping the writer fulfill the potential of the story and grow in the craft. Writers need to learn coaching too, so that they can help themselves and help other writers at a time of more pressing deadlines and diminished resources.

Roy Peter Clark, a writer, editor and longtime Poynter faculty member, will reveal, one by one, the spokes of the “wheel of coaching,” ways of thinking about your work that will change your view of it forever.


  • How to coach a writer beyond simply correcting copy
  • Reporting tools to help uncover information and find the most valuable parts
  • How to communicate a focused, organized story
  • Collaborative methods to get everyone to do their best work


    • Editors who want to help writers and reporters
    • Writers who want to grow their understanding of their craft and learn how to work better with those who can help them


    • Supervisors who guide writers in the business and nonprofits



Roy Peter Clark

Roy Peter Clark is vice president and senior scholar at The Poynter Institute, where he has taught writing since 1979.