The Art of the Link: Why Hyperlinks Matter and How to Do Them Well


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The Art of the Link: Why Hyperlinks Matter and How to Do Them Well

An overview of how to use hyperlink in your text.

Type: Webinar

Broadcast on September 06, 2018

Time Estimate: One hour for the main presentation


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Linking is what the internet is all about. Without links, you’re just publishing text online. You’re not publishing “hypertext” and you’re not really leveraging the power of the Internet.

Despite the importance of links, few of us are taught what makes a good link. This webinar seeks to remedy that. You’ll learn why linking is a powerful tool for increasing your web traffic. You’ll learn that there are two basic kinds of links, and that your technique for each should differ.

We’ll talk about “anchor text” — or the words that make up the link — and how you should choose that. We’ll give some special consideration to linking in mobile contexts, too. Get familiar with “the art of the link.”


  • How linking increases your web traffic
  • The two basic kinds of links
  • What makes a good link (and a bad one)
  • How to choose the text of a link — its “anchor text”
  • How mobile delivery changes how we think about links


Anyone who writes or edits text for a digital platform will benefit from this webinar.

Nick Jungman

Nick Jungman is director of student media at the University of Oklahoma and treasurer of ACES: The Society for Editing. He has taught editing at OU, the University of Missouri and Wichita State University. He worked for 13 years in a variety of editing and digital roles — including copy desk chief and deputy editor for interactive — at The Wichita Eagle daily newspaper in Kansas.