Writing with Voice and Structure with Lane DeGregory


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Writing with Voice and Structure with Lane DeGregory

Finding the tenor and format for a story.

Type: Webinar

Originally broadcast on April 18, 2018

Time Estimate: One hour


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Learn techniques for organizing your notes, to outline – or not – and make everything easier to access once you start typing.

We also will discuss how to come up with themes and alternate story structures, and how those two elements sometimes are intertwined.


  • How to determine a story’s tone
  • Ways of finding your writer’s voice
  • How to organize your notes and outline
  • How to think about themes and different structures for stories


  • Writers
  • Reporters
  • Anyone looking for ways to improve their storytelling


Lane DeGregory

Lane DeGregory is a Pulitzer Prize-winning Tampa Bay Times feature writer who prefers writing about people in the shadows. She went to work with a 100-year-old man who still swept out a seafood warehouse, hung out beneath a bridge with a colony of sex offenders and followed a feral child who was adopted. Her story 2008 story on The Girl in the Window was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for a “moving, richly detailed story of a neglected little girl, found in a roach-infested room, unable to talk or feed herself, who was adopted by a new family committed to her nurturing.”