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Murrow Fellows
Paul Tash, Chairman and CEO of the Times Publishing Company and Chairman of Poynter's Board of Trustees, addressed nearly 100 International Murrow Fellows in a two-day workshop that focused on honing journalistic skills in service to democracy around the world.


Democracy Needs Journalism. Journalism Needs You.

In a time of extraordinary news and accelerating transformation of the media industry, Poynter’s role in elevating journalism and the people it serves has never been more critical.

Readers and viewers from around the globe turn to Poynter to explore the intersection of media, ethics, technology and trends that define and redefine journalism. From the impact of fact-checking in the 2016 campaign to events that explore the edge of digital transformation, Poynter remains steadfast in its mission to advance journalism and democracy during an age of profound change.

Together, we can ensure an informed electorate and a healthy democracy.

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