Affordable Care Act series

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    Health care coverage is more than numbers

    We’ve heard a lot about the website and its performance metrics recently.

    But the Affordable Care Act metric that really matters isn’t error rates or response time. It’s enrollment.

    Furthermore, what matters isn’t just how many people enroll – although that’s part of it. It’s also who enrolls – in particular, their age and health status. A mix that includes younger and healthier people is needed for a viable insurance risk pool. And whether that mix has been achieved may not be clear until later in the six-month open-enrollment season.

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    How to fact-check the health care law

    Before the health care law -- aka Obamacare -- the American health care system was a fragmented, confusing patchwork.

    After the health care law, the American health care system remains a fragmented, confusing patchwork.

    And there’s no sign that’s going to change anytime soon.

    I’ve been fact-checking health care for PolitiFact since 2007, and I have to remind myself all the time: We don’t have one health care system, but several.

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