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    The secret of Quartz's success? There are several.

    Quartz had reason to break out the party hats Monday as the six-year-old venture was sold upstream by Atlantic Media to a similar Japanese business site in a deal worth at least $75 million and up to $110 million if it hits performance targets.

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    Emerson Collective agrees to buy majority stake in The Atlantic

    Emerson Collective, the philanthropic organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs, announced on Friday that it has agreed to buy a majority stake in The Atlantic, the storied magazine of news and letters that has chronicled current affairs for more than a century.

    The specific terms of the deal, which will close in about a month, were not disclosed. Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire widow of Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs, will jointly own the magazine with Atlantic Media chairman David Bradley with an option to buy him out over the next few years.

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    Atlantic Media downsizes National Journal in D.C. shakeup

    Atlantic Media will cut the staff at National Journal by a quarter as part of a broader reorganization of its D.C. presence, the company announced today.

    National Journal, considered a must-read among policy wonks and influencers in Washington, D.C., will transition to a subscriber-focused outlet as its parent company expands the Beltway footprint of its sister publication, The Atlantic.

    The Atlantic will grow its political coverage to fill the void under the auspices of a new Washington bureau captained by editor Yoni Appelbaum.

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    Here are 81 journalism internships and fellowships for application season

    For most journalism students, the biggest step toward finding employment isn't passing the final. It isn't acing midterms, turning in homework or even meeting deadlines at the college paper.

    The most critical period in journalism school is the three-month window stretching from September to November informally known as internship application season. Getting professional experience and making contacts through an internship can mean the difference between landing a job or being unemployed after commencement.

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    Quartz launches Glass, a "notebook"-style vertical focused on the future of TV


    No, the just-launched Glass isn't Quartz's foray into wearables — it's the new home for the Atlantic Media business site's "obsession" (Quartz's term for verticals) with screens:

    "The name is an argument: that media are best understood as a competition for attention on screens connected to the internet. Phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, TVs—it's all just glass."

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    Does it matter that mobile-native Quartz has a mobile-minority audience?

    As much as mobile is poised to keep growing in 2014, old desktop habits die hard — especially during business hours. That leaves Quartz, Atlantic Media's 18-month-old business site, with a fascinating hand after going all-in on mobile.

    Despite its birth to founders intent on nurturing its appeal to smartphone and tablet users, Quartz finds that almost 60 percent of its visitors still read it on the plain old desktop computer.

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