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    Death, Sex & Money asked listeners about their student debt. Now it has 3,000 different stories.

    It started with an open-ended question during a podcast episode ("How has student debt affected your life?"), and now more than 3,000 people from across the globe have responded. In many ways, it's a first for Death, Sex & Money.

    "It's by the far the most responses from listeners," said Anna Sale, host and managing editor of the WNYC-produced podcast. "It really felt like we were hitting on something that a lot of people had stories about, but also something that people felt bottled up around."

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    Three ways to identify and build your audience

    When you are starting a blog, or any online site, your relationship with and understanding of your audience will be the most important aspects of your success.

    Who are they?

    Communities break down in different ways for different topics. Here are some examples.

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    How surveys can help you understand your news audience

    You want your audience to engage with your news product: read it, value it, think about it, talk about it, share it, return to it and trust it.

    So you have to understand your audience's behaviors, needs and motivations to create stories and products that are valuable and engaging. The deepest, most accurate understanding of your audience comes from quantitative and qualitative research.

    Here are the pros and cons of surveys--one of the major methods to gather data about your audience.


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    Understanding Audiences and Their Behavior

    When you look at the data for your community (or the community for your media product), you'll see the diversity. Renters are different than homeowners. Young people are different than older residents. Demographics show you fundamental differences about your audience.

    Take it one step further. You want to know the behaviors, interests and concerns of people who are committed to that community. Serving up a media product for that group is a refined way of thinking that promises editorial and potential business success.

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