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    With Daybreak, Bloomberg is trying to catch its busiest readers early

    A year and a half ago, Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait got some editors together around an idea: Could Bloomberg be grabbing its readers earlier in the day?

    Traditionally, the financial news powerhouse has connected with terminal subscribers when they arrived at work. There, they can each can call up Bloomberg's proprietary blend of financial data and news from their desktop monitors.

    But, since the same information is available on phones and other mobile devices, why not try to reach subscribers before they clock in?

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    Bloomberg gets into rapid-fire explainer journalism with breaking Q&As

    Negative interest rates. Corporate inversion. The monthly job report. If you asked the media world to rank the country's sexiest stories, most journalists would probably put these pretty low on their list (with some exceptions).

    But at Bloomberg, the worldwide bastion of finance wonks, these topics are fodder for the company's QuickTakes team, which has been writing Vox-style explainers for the last three years.

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    Bloomberg EIC: Automation is 'crucial to the future of journalism'

    Bloomberg has become the latest news organization to place bets on automation as a measure to cover so-called "commodity news" and free up time for enterprise journalism.

    In a memo to Bloomberg's staff Wednesday, Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait announced that the data-driven news organization is creating a 10-person team to determine how automation can be used throughout the company's portfolio of editorial products.

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    Here are 81 journalism internships and fellowships for application season

    For most journalism students, the biggest step toward finding employment isn't passing the final. It isn't acing midterms, turning in homework or even meeting deadlines at the college paper.

    The most critical period in journalism school is the three-month window stretching from September to November informally known as internship application season. Getting professional experience and making contacts through an internship can mean the difference between landing a job or being unemployed after commencement.

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    Brad Stone, author of 'The Everything Store,' to lead Bloomberg's tech coverage

    Brad Stone, the Bloomberg Businessweek senior writer and author of "The Everything Store," has been tapped to lead Bloomberg's technology coverage, Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait announced in a memo to staffers Tuesday morning.

    In his new role, Stone will oversee Bloomberg's tech operation as it expands globally to cover stories beyond the Bay Area. Bloomberg will hire additional journalists and create a venture capital team based in San Francisco, according to Micklethwait's memo.

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    Big Bloomberg layoffs, says New York Post

    The New York Post

    It's been no secret that the return of Mike Bloomberg to his financial news empire would bring changes in personnel and strategy. Now it's apparently bringing layoffs. The devil of their true significance will be in as-yet-undisclosed details.

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    Fake Bloomberg story has Twitter mulling $31 billion takeover offer, hikes share price

    It was total baloney, even if somebody probably made money off the baloney.

    There was an Internet kerfuffle Tuesday with what purported to be a Bloomberg News story about Twitter mulling a big purchase offer.

    It looked like a Bloomberg tale (though some cognoscenti did instantly discern some stylistic mistakes) but quickly inspired a formal, real Bloomberg tweet that it was a fake.

    The response came from Bloomberg spokesman Ty Trippet and didn’t need 140 characters:

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    Joshua Topolsky out at Bloomberg


    Big news out of Bloomberg Friday morning: Per the New York Times' Ravi Somaiya, Bloomberg Chief Digital Content Officer Joshua Topolsky is departing the financial news organization after "clashes with Michael Bloomberg over direction of website."

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