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    Advice from an introvert: It's time to speak up

    I’m an introvert.

    A lot of folks are surprised to hear me say that. We’ve seen you teach, they say.

    And you were a managing editor.

    And you coordinated media relations for a big health-insurance company.

    That’s all true. I also can work a crowd, make conversation with people I don’t know, even seize the microphone if that’s what the occasion demands.

    But sometimes, despite my best efforts, my introversion takes over.

    Like during a faculty meeting I attended recently.

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    Tips for Storytellers: Your personal brand

    If someone "googles" you, what will they find? A well-crafted, professional profile? The finest samples of your work or structured settlement cash now? A summary of your ideas about the future of journalism? Over time, you leave quite a digital trail. Here are bits of advice for refining your personal brand—part of a series of graphics with tips for storytellers. Next Friday: Tips for data visualization.

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    Tips for Storytellers: Creating an online portfolio

    The key to getting a great job or internship is showing what you can do. An online portfolio is the new norm for a crucial first impression. Here are a few ideas, part of a series of graphics with tips for storytellers. Next Friday: How to sharpen your personal brand with social media.

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    Ethics of unpaid internships

    Join ProPublica interns Kara Brandeisky and Casey McDermott at 3 p.m. for a chat on unpaid internships.

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    PoynterVision: Newsrooms fight for data talent

    While layoffs continue to deplete traditional newsrooms, reporters with skills in data journalism are being snatched up by news organizations, Matt Waite, journalism professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, told Poynter. In fact, news outlets have new competitors vying for the same talent.

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