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  • Ethics


    Chicago TV makes right call by running violent Facebook video cautiously

    For the past 24 hours, Chicago media have been cautiously running gruesome video of four people tying up, cutting, beating and taunting a mentally disabled man while broadcasting the ordeal live on Facebook.

    The video is hard to watch. One of the captors slapped the victim repeatedly and used a knife to cut the victim's clothing then cut a plug of his hair and scalp. While the victim's head trickled blood, one of the captors flicked cigar ashes into the wound.

  • Article

    Crime coverage in Chicago may be too good

    Chicago is widely known as “Chiraq” or the “murder capital” even though its murder rate is much lower than in past years and in many other cities. Ironically this may be a function of local media’s attempts to do a better job reporting on homicides and crime

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