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The Cohort is a newsletter and a community for you — rad women working and kicking ass in digital media.

Fans of those women are welcome here, too. It was founded by Katie Hawkins-Gaar, organizer of Poynter's Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media, and is currently written by Rachel Schallom.

Why focus on women in digital media? Because there's a massive disparity between the number of women entering the field and those working at the highest levels of the industry. Long-standing issues like pay inequality and sexism in the workplace still exist. And we know from the overwhelming number of talented journalists that apply for the Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media that there's a hunger for more training, resources and support for rising women leaders.

Each issue includes thoughts, articles and resources related to women in leadership. The newsletters also showcase the great work you all are producing — featuring a new woman making waves in digital media. Every so often, we'll also bring in guest curators to share their views of the world.

You can subscribe to The Cohort, or follow along on this page. New issues are published every other Thursday.

Poynter Results

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    The stakes are higher for women in charge of safety

    The first time I made a security decision, my stomach was in knots from the moment I said yes to the second I got the text confirming the reporter was home safely.

    This wasn’t an international story. The reporter took a short car ride to the assignment and would be able to sleep in her own bed that night.

    But domestic safety is becoming a bigger deal for journalists, Rebecca Blumenstein, deputy managing editor at the New York Times, said.

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    Raise your hand if you’re new here

    On the first day of my first job in New York, I came into work with emails in my inbox linking to important documents and calendar invites for all the relevant meetings. It was clear that my manager put time into making sure I was set up with the necessary tools to get straight to work. Then she took me on an office tour, ending with a trip downstairs.

    “This is where you should get off the subway,” she said, knowing that I had only lived in New York for five days.

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    Write it down, cross it off

    With 2019 just around the corner, here are eight recommendations for physical planners to make the most of your new year.

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    Know when to go

    There’s a lot of excitement around new jobs, especially ones with shiny titles. But the Job Fairy didn’t slip an offer letter under my pillow one night.

  • In-person teaching

    Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media (Winter 2019)

    Poynter directly impacts your career 

    We launched our first Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media in 2014. Applications grew exponentially, with the 2018 program attracting more than 600 applicants for 28 seats. Why? The Poynter women’s leadership training alters careers and changes lives. In a 2018 survey of graduates from our first three years of the program, we learned: 

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