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The Cohort is a newsletter and a community for you — rad women working and kicking ass in digital media.

Fans of those women are welcome here, too. It was founded by Katie Hawkins-Gaar, organizer of Poynter's Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media, and is currently written by Rachel Schallom.

Why focus on women in digital media? Because there's a massive disparity between the number of women entering the field and those working at the highest levels of the industry. Long-standing issues like pay inequality and sexism in the workplace still exist. And we know from the overwhelming number of talented journalists that apply for the Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media that there's a hunger for more training, resources and support for rising women leaders.

Each issue includes thoughts, articles and resources related to women in leadership. The newsletters also showcase the great work you all are producing — featuring a new woman making waves in digital media. Every so often, we'll also bring in guest curators to share their views of the world.

You can subscribe to The Cohort, or follow along on this page. New issues are published every other Thursday.

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