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  • Fact-Checking


    Fake news probably won't affect the outcome of Germany's election. Here's why.

    Even though Germany is less than two weeks away from its federal election, Jacques Pezet isn't worried. At least, not yet.

    "It’s not really like we’ve been having a lot of fake news," said the fact-checker for Correctiv, a German nonprofit media group.

    Coming off the heels of contentious presidential elections in France and the United States, it would seem natural for massive online misinformation to afflict Germans as well. But it isn’t (at least, not as much), in part due to the country's current political structure.

  • Safety


    Persecuted at home, two journalists are bedeviling Turkish authorities from afar

    The Turkish government is trying to shut down two journalists who left the country to publish their work. But they're not giving up without a fight.

    Last week, journalists Can Dündar and Hayko Bağdat launched a website called Özgürüz that aims to publish independent journalism about Turkey from the relative safety of Germany. It’s a kind of pirate radio for Turkish journalists, informing the public amid a repressive regime that cultivates a hostile press freedom climate.

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