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    For reporters covering the Olympics, a mix of chaos and wonder

    Christine Brennan initially was very positive in her assessment of how the Olympics were going in a response to my email over the weekend. However, her reply on Saturday had this line.

    "Anything can happen this coming week, but so far, Rio is pulling this off," wrote the USA Today columnist and CNN contributor who is covering her 17th Olympics.

    Then anything happened. Sunday, it was learned Ryan Lochte, a six-time gold medal winner, was among a group of swimmers who were the victims of a robbery at gunpoint. Brennan sent me an amended reply.

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    The Undefeated is impressive, but not radical, on opening day

    The Undefeated also could be called The Unconventional.

    At least, that's the plan laid out by Editor-in-Chief Kevin Merida.

    During many interviews, including one with Poynter, Merida repeatedly articulated The Undefeated’s motto: “Not conventional. Never boring.”

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    John Feinstein's secret to developing relationships? Hanging around.

    Imagine how history would have been different.

    John Feinstein actually first approached Dean Smith, not Bob Knight, for the book that became “A Season on the Brink.” After North Carolina won the national title in 1982, Feinstein, then a young reporter for The Washington Post, pitched the idea of doing a behind-the-scenes examination of Smith and his program.

    Smith initially didn’t shoot down Feinstein, saying he wanted to think about it. However, he ultimately decided to decline.

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