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    TV Station takes heat for exposing criminal

    KXLY TV in Spokane, Washington is taking heat from some viewers for exposing supposed do-gooder as a criminal.

    Sunday afternoon, a man called the KXLY newsroom with an offer. "The caller told our weekend anchor Aaron Luna that he wanted to help Spokane's homeless population so he was going to hand out thousands of dollars in the next few weeks and that we could come along," said News Director Jerry Post. "After he called, he sent emails with several videos showing himself handing out cash."

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    Here's a peek behind the curtain of a televised debate

    In the next two weeks, candidates from 11 hotly contested elections will face each other in statewide debates. Candidates in nine other states faced each other in debates already this month. In these days of the tightly scripted message-of-the-day campaigning, debates might be the closest voters get to hearing unscripted viewpoints.

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    Italics Effeminate? Hardly!

    Even editors who confess to being 'visually illiterate' (which is rarely the case!) have at least five minutes of conversation and opinion on the subject of italics. That suggests that a bit of slant to the right is more controversial than any other weight or style for a typeface.

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    The Relationship Game

    Perhaps one of the most important tasks of the designer, whether in print or on the Web, is to make sure that items that are conceptually connected actually show that connection. Many times, in their efforts to keep things modularly aligned, designers forget to use techniques that emphasize relationships.

    Here are some of the best:

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