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  • Career


    Calling all media nerds: We're looking for our next Google News Lab Fellow

    The Poynter Institute has officially launched a nationwide search for its next Google News Lab Fellow, who will work alongside journalists in our nonprofit newsroom this summer.

    Can you quote the movie Spotlight? Do you subscribe to more media newsletters than you can count? Can you rattle off the names of your favorite reporters without missing a beat? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should definitely apply.

  • Innovation


    On Election Day, ProPublica will lead a national team of real-time voting sleuths

    Scott Klein is tired of sitting out Election Day.

    When November rolls around, ProPublica's newsroom of investigative reporters, data crunchers and social media wizards are usually left out of the excitement. As an organization typically given to longer-term work, ProPublica cedes Election Day to other journalists across the U.S. and focuses on what it does best: bombshell investigative stories.

    Klein, ProPublica's deputy managing editor, wants to change all that.

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