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    11 questions to ask before sharing graphic photos, video

    Images and videos can be powerful tools to describe extremely difficult subjects. And digital cameras, smartphones and emerging storytelling tools make it easier than ever to share a dizzying array of news images. Yet many of these can be graphic or gruesome.

    Here are some questions to help you decide what, where or whether to broadcast, publish or share visually explicit photos and video.

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    Behind 60 Minutes' decision to air video of sarin gas victims in Syria

    Sunday evening, CBS News' 60 Minutes aired what it said was some of the most disturbing and graphic video it has ever put on television. The network began warning viewers about the video Friday. The story Sunday night warned viewers that "If you have young children watching right now, that is usually a good thing. But this story is not for them. The pictures you are about to see are agonizing."

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