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    How Mic crowdsourced questions for its first presidential interview

    Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.34.59 AM

    When Sam Grossberg arrived at his workplace in Tel Aviv, Israel, someone at the office suggested he ask President Obama a question. Days later, footage of an exchange between him and the president began playing on Israeli television networks.

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    Jason Rezaian trial still consumed in silence

    The frustrating "espionage" case against Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian was awash in silence and no apparent movement Sunday.

    For sure, there had been speculation that the legal and political status quo would change.

    There have been, after all, the tentative nuclear deal with Iran, a Washington Post request to the United Nations and President Obama repeating his chagrin over the reporter's imprisonment during a recent White House press conference.

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    Iran nuke deal is clear, Jason Rezaian fate is not

    Will the sham of a Washington Post reporter's "espionage" prosecution now come to an end?

    The question about Jason Rezaian was inevitable amid celebrations, and inevitable instant debate, over the Iranian nuclear deal. After all, there has been speculation that somehow resolution of his frustratingly closed trial might be linked to a resolution of the nuclear negotiations.

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    Jason Rezaian trial may resume on weekend

    The on-again, off-again -- but mostly off-again -- "espionage" trial of the Washington Post's Jason Rezaian may not resume until the weekend.

    There have been just two court sessions of a proceeding closed to outsiders, including his family.

    Doug Jehl, the newspaper's foreign editor, said Monday that "with Ramadan about to begin, we don't expect the trial to resume until this weekend at the earliest."

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