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    Josh Topolsky wants you to love The Outline...or hate it

    Josh Topolsky is riffing.

    He's just finished telling me that his new media startup, The Outline, isn't interested in recapping the latest hit TV show or writing a "Five Things You Missed" story about the latest Avengers movie. So I asked: Well, what does The Outline's take on the new Avengers movie look like?

  • Commentary


    Bloomberg LP reshuffles editorial management


    Bloomberg LP has announced new changes to its editorial team, including the creation of a new "editorial management committee" composed of editor-in-chief John Micklethwait, deputy editor-in-chief Reto Gregori, and new editorial chief content officer Josh Tyrangiel, All main editors will now report directly to this committee, according to FisbowlNY.

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