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  • Innovation


    Across the country, newsrooms are using crowdsourcing to cover immigration

    On Saturday, as ripples of President Trump’s refugee ban began making news, Los Angeles Times Business Editor Kimi Yoshino suggested a different way to cover the story.

    Yoshino, who is married to an Iraqi refugee and whose family was detained at internment camps in World War II, saw people sharing their own stories on social media. Her idea: Let’s do something that captures that emotion.

  • Business


    Report: Gannett is likely to buy Tronc very soon

    After a months-long courtship, Gannett is likely to close a deal to purchase Tronc soon, Politico reported Sunday night.

    The deal is expected to value Tronc, the newspaper publisher formerly known as Tribune Publishing, at somewhere between $18.50 and $19 per share, according to Politico:

  • Innovation


    Jose Antonio Vargas is relaunching #EmergingUS on Medium

    "Excuse me, can I bother you for a second?"

    Onscreen is Jose Antonio Vargas, the former Washington Post political reporter turned filmmaker and entrepreneur. He's holding a poster-sized section from the 2010 census, the page that asks readers to describe their race.

    In front of him are White people, pulled aside for interviews on a street in Iowa. Vargas asks: When the census asks you to tick a box, which option do you choose?

  • Storytelling


    3 ex-newspaper columnists team up to launch college football site

    Chris Dufresne hopes this comparison to Starbucks carries over to his new college football website.

    “You see people standing in line in Starbucks every day ready to pay $5 for whatever coffee they want,” Dufresne said. “Why do they do it? The only reason is because they are addicted to caffeine. Well, in a weird sort of way, I think there is an addiction to college football. Every July, I used to get emails saying, ‘I can’t wait for the season to start.’ ‘I need my fix now.’”

  • Innovation


    The Associated Press will use automated writing to cover the minor leagues

    The Associated Press will begin using an automated writing service to cover more than 10,000 minor league baseball games annually, the news cooperative announced Thursday.

    The Associated Press, which routinely covered some minor league stories through the 2006 season, will produce the stories using technology from Automated Insights and data from MLB Advanced Media, which is the official stat-keeper of the minor leagues:

  • Career


    Mitra Kalita leaves the Los Angeles Times

    Mitra Kalita, the managing editor charged with bringing a digital renaissance to the Los Angeles Times newsroom, is leaving the newspaper after slightly more than a year.

    She will become vice president of programming at CNN, which has lately staffed up its ranks to fuel a buildout of its digital presence and coverage of the 2016 presidential election.

    In a memo to the staff of the Los Angeles Times, Kalita attributes her departure to "a number of personal reasons, chief among them...aging parents."

  • Business


    Tribune Publishing outlines plan to expand Los Angeles Times globally

    Tribune Publishing CEO Justin Dearborn on Wednesday traced the contours of a business plan that would see the company's largest newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, expand to become a digital chronicle of entertainment capitals around the globe.

    Tribune Publishing's brass is planning to bankroll seven new foreign news bureaus in "entertainment oriented" cities under the banner of the Los Angeles Times, Dearborn said in the company's first quarter earnings call with analysts.

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