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    Marty Baron on 'Spotlight,' Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump and the slow death of printed news

    When Liev Schreiber visited The Washington Post for a sitdown with Executive Editor Marty Baron, the veteran newsman tried to keep it quiet.

    Baron hadn't told anybody the award-winning actor was there to talk with Baron before portraying him in "Spotlight." But, since it's a newspaper, word got out anyway.

    People streamed by Baron's office, "including a woman who went by the first time with her hair up and the second time with her hair down," he said. Eventually, Baron concluded that Schreiber wasn't there for an idle chat.

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    How The San Francisco Chronicle rebuilt its investigative team

    Last year, an important visitor walked into Audrey Cooper's office with an idea.

    Cooper, the editor in chief of The San Francisco Chronicle, had long desired to beef up the paper's investigative reporting. Enter Jeffrey Johnson, The Chronicle's publisher, with a question.

    "So, that I-team you wanted to build — how much would it cost?" Cooper recalled Johnson saying.

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    Washington Post reporter's fate still in the dark

    Winston Churchill said that Russia "is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

    The Tehran "espionage" trial of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian is now something of the sort.

    It's nearly a month since the most recent, closed court proceeding in his trial. That's all anybody knows. So goes Iran’s Revolutionary Court. Silence and ambiguity prevail.

    Washington Post Executive Editor Martin Baron and New York-based Iranian expert Hooman Majd both said Monday that they have no news on Rezaian.

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    Washington Post calls Tuesday closed trial of Jason Rezaian 'shameful'

    The Washington Post said it was “shameful” that the trial of its Tehran-based correspondent Jason Rezaian would be closed even to members of his family.

    “The shameful acts of injustice continue without end in the treatment of Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian,” said Post Executive Editor Martin Baron in a statement about a trial set to begin Tuesday.

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