Poynter Results

  • Innovation


    After 6 years and thousands of public records requests, MuckRock turns nonprofit

    In the past year, MuckRock has helped reporters and others file more than 10,000 public records requests to government agencies. Now, the site will be posting some of its own public records since it has officially become a nonprofit organization.

    MuckRock founder Michael Morisy made the announcement Wednesday and said he hopes the site’s new nonprofit status can lead to more crowdfunded public records projects.

  • Legal


    MuckRock ordered to take down public records

    MuckRock, a website that helps journalists and others request, analyze and share public records, has been forced by a court order to remove documents.

    A Washington state court ordered MuckRock to remove documents after a private company filed a temporary restraining order, claiming the City of Seattle mistakenly released records that reveal the company’s trade secrets, including an audit and two-page security overview.

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