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    'The Post' trailer is out, and it shows how little many newsrooms have changed

    The trailer for "The Post" is out, and if you can keep from fixating on Tom Hanks' attempt at a Ben Bradlee growl, you may notice something else – the fictional newsroom doesn't look all that unfamiliar. 

    There are two reasons. One, it's mostly full of white men. And two, it's mostly full of fluorescent lighting. 

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    How losing my dad helped me gain a new outlook on work

    The last real conversation I had with my dad was about work. More accurately, it was a lopsided exchange, where I complained about how miserable things had gotten and he patiently listened, interjecting here and there to reassure me that it would get better.

    If I had known it would be the last conversation we’d have, I wouldn’t have wasted the time complaining about things that felt beyond my control.

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    There’s no ‘I’ in team, especially if you’re a woman

    You spend months pouring time and energy into a big project. Requirements change, plans become more ambitious and you take on extra responsibilities to keep everything on track. Despite the challenges, you meet deadlines, appease coworkers and the team keeps humming along, thanks to your efforts.

    The project is released and earns industry accolades. Your boss is quoted in coverage. Your hotshot colleague is invited to speak on a panel. Your contributions largely go unnoticed.

    If you’re a woman working in digital media, there’s a good chance this scenario feels familiar.

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    25 ideas nonprofit newsrooms can't afford to ignore

    Diversify revenue streams. Train from within. Make the most of metrics. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most effective.

    A small group from Poynter visited a dozen nonprofit and for-profit news organizations in 2015 to gather information to share at this week's Nonprofit News Exchange. Here are 25 ideas, observed at many of the places we visited, that anyone can apply to his or her own newsroom.

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    For nonprofits, mission is key to employee morale

    The headquarters of The Lens, an independent nonprofit newsroom, is a small, no-frills facility in an uptown New Orleans industrial park. Instead of windows, there are glass doors protected by burglar bars. The office modem awkwardly dangles above the toilet. The furniture is a mix of plastic folding tables, worn chairs and mismatched lamps bought from thrift stores. The staff is tiny, made up of eight full-time employees and two part-timers.

    Despite the odds, employee morale and sense of purpose are sky-high.

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    Fun at work is tougher than it looks

    Earlier this month, we spent an entire week at Poynter focused on the topic of fun at work. The concept was born out of a conversation during a work trip. It was the kind of idea that seems interesting but would require a lot of work, the type that often gets thrown around and rarely sees follow-through.

    But this idea was different. It was something I couldn’t shake.

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