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    New newsroom training report shows gaps, some progress

    For many journalists, this is the best of times for training. For others, it's a missed opportunity, according to a new Poynter report.

    The results of a new report “Constant Training: New Normal or Missed Opportunity?” were released today by The Poynter Institute and the Knight Foundation. Two-thirds of journalists report that they have received training the past 12 months. In addition, more than half, 56 percent, of those journalists were mostly satisfied or very satisfied with the training.

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    Managers, make 'we can be better' more than empty words

    So today I’m thinking about Casey Stengel and Jesus.

    Why? Well, in my life, it’s the time of year for two really important six-week seasons: spring training and Lent.

    Both are times devoted to preparation. Both are opportunities for fresh starts. And both give those who take part a chance to make an important change — whether it be their batting stance or their approach to life.

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