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    Once media's shiny new object, how will podcasts fare now?

    'Serial' back on top; 'Convicted on Twitter'; Sluggo is lit  

    Hours after the release of its new season, the path-breaking podcast "Serial" surged last night to the top of the iTunes charts.

    At BuzzFeed or Panoply, the days of wishing for their very own "Serial" may be over. On Wednesday, BuzzFeed fired its in-house audio "PodSquad" team and said it was winding up most of its podcasts. Last week, Panoply exited the podcast-making business, saying it would focus on hosting and ad tech for the medium. 

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    In crowded field, some media companies sour on podcasts

    Podcasts are the future.

    Podcasts aren’t the whole future.

    Podcasts are hit or miss.

    Wait, there’s another shiny object!

    The announcement Wednesday that BuzzFeed would be discontinuing most of its podcasts and firing its in-house audio team was the latest discordant note in a fast-growing medium.

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    What makes a great interview? This podcaster sat down with interviewing legends to find out

    "What the fuck is an interview?"

    That soundbite kicks off the preview for Jesse Thorn's new podcast, The Turnaround. So, what is an interview?

    "I think that interviewing is so many different things," said Thorn, the founder of MaximumFun.org, an independent podcast and radio production organization. "Everything I know about interviewing is something that I made up for myself in my own head."

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    Think your journalism job is hard? Try making a podcast from prison

    When Nigel Poor wakes up in the dead of night with a concern about her podcast, she can't fire off a text to her co-host. She can't give him a quick call, drop him a line on Twitter or stop by his house.

    That's because, like the other men locked up in California's San Quentin State Prison, Earlonne Woods doesn't have his own phone. He doesn't even have access to the internet. But, unlike his fellow inmates, Woods is the co-host of his own podcast.

  • Innovation


    NPR names its first general manager of podcasting

    NPR on Friday appointed its first general manager of podcasting, yet another sign of the medium's growing importance.

    It's Neal Carruth, the supervising senior editor for NPR's business desk. Carruth, a 17-year veteran at NPR, will oversee "Planet Money," "Embedded," "Hidden Brain," "Code Switch," "Pop Culture Happy Hour" and NPR's Politics podcast.

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    How to think photographically with your audio story

    When you’re reporting an audio story, collect all the sound elements you will need to reconstruct a scene for a listener. That means collecting the sound of doors opening and closing, the sound of thunder in the background, the sound of your subject answering the phone or greeting a friend. You want sound that paints a picture or sets a scene.

    One approach to gathering this scenic sound is to think like a photographer: close-ups and wide shots.

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