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    For reporters covering the Olympics, a mix of chaos and wonder

    Christine Brennan initially was very positive in her assessment of how the Olympics were going in a response to my email over the weekend. However, her reply on Saturday had this line.

    "Anything can happen this coming week, but so far, Rio is pulling this off," wrote the USA Today columnist and CNN contributor who is covering her 17th Olympics.

    Then anything happened. Sunday, it was learned Ryan Lochte, a six-time gold medal winner, was among a group of swimmers who were the victims of a robbery at gunpoint. Brennan sent me an amended reply.

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    These will be the 5 biggest sports journalism stories in 2016

    The best part of this business always is dealing with the unknown. At some point this year, stories will explode that nobody expected. Major issues and controversies will grab everyone’s attention, requiring swift reaction and analysis. So be prepared.

    Until then, here are a few things to watch for in sports journalism at the dawn of 2016.

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    Ed Sherman: The top sports journalism story of the year

    To gain perspective on the two biggest stories in sports journalism in 2015, you need to dial up a podcast from two years ago.

    On Aug. 15, 2013, Jason Whitlock was Bill Simmons’ guest on his “BS Report” podcast for Grantland. Yes, it can be found, and in light of what happened this year, the interview sounds laughable and more than a touch ironic.

    Back then, Whitlock was beaming in rejoining ESPN after leaving in 2006. “This is one of the greatest days of my life,” he said.

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    New ESPN Public Editor Jim Brady will be an advocate for readers

    Jim_LighterIt didn’t take long for Jim Brady to experience some of the fallout that comes with being associated with ESPN. While people in the industry lauded the network naming him as its new public editor Friday, Brady was the target of many negative shots on social media.

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    ESPN's mistake was not killing Grantland earlier

    grantland-front-1000Each Sunday, ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr. and Sports Illustrated's Jacob Feldman send out an email newsletter called “The Sunday Long Read.” With input from readers, they select the week’s best in longform journalism from a broad range of subjects, including sports.

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    Why the phone can be better than email

    At the dawn of 2015, I made a New Year's resolution. I vowed to try to rely less on email and actually use the good old-fashioned phone to reach out to public relations people on my various beats. Even if I didn't have anything on the agenda, I planned to dial someone's number just to see what was going on.

    You know, how's the family? What's the latest at your place?

    Of course, New Year's resolutions never stick. So along with my vow to read more and eat less, I haven't come close to calling PR folks as much as I had hoped.

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