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    New fund gives $20 million to local journalism

    On Sunday evening, the Knight Foundation and the Lenfest Institute for Journalism announced a Philadelphia-based local journalism accelerator. (Disclosure: Knight and Lenfest are both Poynter funders, and Knight helps fund my coverage of local news.)

    The fund, according to a press release, will:

    • Support a hub where local newsrooms can share technology and resources around issues including audience engagement, analytics and revenue models

  • From the Institute


    Rooting for the next 'Table Stakes' class

    “Be open-minded and really honest with yourselves about your own thinking, legacy beliefs and roadblocks you've created yourself.” 

    “Take advantage of the knowledgeable people who designed it and who are implementing it with real, live newsrooms. We all can learn something new every day, even someone like me, who is approaching 30 years in this business.”

    “Be ready to work.”

  • Innovation


    How The Miami Herald is getting to know its audience again

    MIAMI — On the outside, the headquarters of the Miami Herald looks like any building in any part of town filled with wide warehouses, beige office plazas and chain restaurants. Inside, though, the values of the Herald are written on the walls.


    On one teal green wall in slim white letters:

    "Publish! Journalistic cowardliness is as evil as censorship." — Gene Miller

    On another (from the adjacent newsroom of the Spanish daily El Nuevo Herald):

    "El periódico es una espada y su empuñadura la razón." — José Martí

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