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    5 motivators to engage your viewers

    The lead of your story has to speak to what motivates viewers to sit and watch. Here are five motivators for engaging viewers with a news story on TV or the web:

    • Money
    • Family
    • Safety
    • Health
    • Community

    You can address the “safety” motivator in crime stories, in stories about unsafe cars or in stories about texting or talking on the phone while driving. The “community” motivator might be a story about crumbling neighborhoods, the rise of social networks and the push for neighborhood schools.

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    4 ways to aim for the heart of your viewers

    How do you take a collection of facts and tell a story that engages viewers? There are some simple guidelines you can follow to aim for the heart of your viewers:

    Engage their emotions. Television is unique in its ability to teach through emotions and sensory experiences.

    Motivate viewers to watch your story. Consider these angles as you craft stories for your audience: money, family, safety, health and community.

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    Want a personalized TV newscast? Watchup claims it has the app for that

    The notion of the video equivalent of an RSS feed has been kicking around for years, so I pay attention when a startup makes the case that timing and technology are finally right to bring personalized newscasts to market.

    That's the pitch of entrepreneur Adriano Farano's Watchup, an early-stage Silicon Valley business with a staff of 10 and users so far numbering only a few hundred thousand.

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    Local TV journalists say police encounters are mixed in Ferguson

    Local television journalists from St. Louis covering the protests in Ferguson, Missouri tell there is a version of the story unfolding that has not been widely told. These journalists say it's true that some officers have come at them with weapons drawn but others have shown remarkable restraint.

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