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    Fortune's new money-making plan? Higher education

    In 2005, when Alan Murray was rising through the ranks at The Wall Street Journal, he ponied up for an executive education program at Stanford.

    The cost? Around $45,000, back then. The length of the program? A few weeks.

    The whole experience left him thinking these programs were ripe for disruption from a competitor who could do it better and cheaper.

    "Businesses spend a lot of money on training their executives," said Murray, who's now the chief content officer at Time Inc. "And we can help do that in a better and more efficient way."

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    Time Inc. says it won't sell itself

    Time Inc. announced Friday that it has no plans to sell the company and will instead pursue its own strategic plan, which is heavy on video, events and new products.

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    Time Inc announces shakeup of editorial structure

    Time Inc on Friday announced a remaking of its editorial structure in a bid to increase collaboration across its portfolio of magazines.

    In a memo to staff, newly appointed chief content officer Alan Murray announced a series of appointments aimed at improving "our ability to take advantage of opportunities that cut across individual titles."

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    What's next for Time Inc? Shared beats, more digital verticals and some paid content

    Alan Murray was moderating a panel with the CEO of AOL earlier this year and wanted to know: What do legacy media companies have that digitally minded startups don't?

    "And he said, 'Oh my god. Your brands are Kryptonite to commodification,'" Murray said. "There's tons of competition in the digital world. But who really competes with People? Who really competes with Fortune?

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    Alan Murray named Chief Content Officer at Time Inc

    Fortune editor Alan Murray will become the chief content officer of Time Inc. as the company undergoes a sweeping transformation that seeks to de-emphasize its portfolio of magazines, according to multiple reports.

    Murray's appointment confirms the speculation that Norm Pearlstine, the current chief content officer at Time Inc., will be stepping aside, as had been reported in June by Vanity Fair.

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    Here are 81 journalism internships and fellowships for application season

    For most journalism students, the biggest step toward finding employment isn't passing the final. It isn't acing midterms, turning in homework or even meeting deadlines at the college paper.

    The most critical period in journalism school is the three-month window stretching from September to November informally known as internship application season. Getting professional experience and making contacts through an internship can mean the difference between landing a job or being unemployed after commencement.

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    Sara Clemence named news director at Travel + Leisure

    A few months after its rebranding, Travel + Leisure has hired a new overseer for much of its news report.

    Sara Clemence, previously the travel editor for The Wall Street Journal, will start at Travel + Leisure next week as news director. There, she will supervise the magazine's Upgrade section and formulate stories for the magazine and the website, per a memo from Travel + Leisure Editor Nathan Lump.

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    Teri Everett leaves Time Inc. in communications shakeup

    Teri Everett, Time Inc.'s executive vice president of corporate communications, is leaving the company in a restructuring of its communications structure, according to an announcement from CEO Joe Ripp and executive vice president Evelyn Webster Thursday.

    In a move that consolidates the company's communications team, Jaison Blair, vice president of investor relations, will become a senior vice president in charge of corporate communications. The company is eliminating Everett's job:

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