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    For 2 photographers who covered Katrina, Baton Rouge floods bring back lessons

    The first thing that got him was the smell.

    It was not quite the same as it was after Hurricane Katrina. But it was very close. That smell — a mildewy, wet, soggy mush of a smell — is hard to describe and impossible to forget.

    "It's always the smell that gets me, more than the sites. It's a smell," said Chris Granger, a photojournalist for The Times-Picayune and "You smelled it before you saw anything, and you knew you were about to get into a mess."

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    Newspaper and museum combine forces to recreate WWII photo

    Lynn Jauchler Martin was eight years old when Japan surrendered during World War II. To celebrate the victory, she and her family joined a parade in New Orleans. Oscar J. Valeton Sr., a staff photographer from The Times-Picayune, captured what would become an iconic moment from the parade: Several joyous faces beaming as smoke from burning tires billowed in the background. The date was Aug. 14, 1945.

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