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    In Oklahoma, PolitiFact used campaign strategy to appeal to new readers. Will it work?

    TULSA, Oklahoma — The first question was about Bigfoot.

    “If a U.S. senator said that Bigfoot is real, would you feel compelled to assert that, actually, Bigfoot is a myth?” asked Scott Pendleton.

    Jon Greenberg, a national staff writer for PolitiFact, took that one.

    “If people were talking about Bigfoot — if it’s in the news — we might take our time to do that,” he said. “But if it’s a purely random statement, I don’t see us running something on it.”

    Aaron Sharockman, executive director of PolitiFact, followed with a comparison.

  • Article

    Crime coverage in Chicago may be too good

    Chicago is widely known as “Chiraq” or the “murder capital” even though its murder rate is much lower than in past years and in many other cities. Ironically this may be a function of local media’s attempts to do a better job reporting on homicides and crime

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