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    Vice goes inside Syria to show what media censorship really looks like

    Inspired by President Trump, Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer, the press frequently invokes the specter of ominous reality control as exercised by the bad guys in George Orwell's "1984."

    No surprise, book sales are through the roof even if many journalists may not have actually read the classic they cite. But, forget Trump: if you want truly odious propaganda in action, which makes Conway look like a Franciscan Sister, check out Bashar al-Assad's Syria.

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    Shane Smith sees a 'perfect storm' coming for the press

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    A few months ago Vice founder Shane Smith fronted a superior Vice-HBO documentary, "A House Divided," that detailed the issues, tactics and rancor that dominated Barack Obama's relations with a Republican-dominated Congress.

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    VICE News crew faces terrorism accusations in Turkey

    Reporters on assignment for VICE News in southeast Turkey are scheduled to appear in court Monday to face accusations of terrorism, allegations the international media company says are unsubstantiated.

    The VICE crew was reporting in the city of Diyarbakir in the country's predominantly Kurdish region when they were arrested for lack of proper government identification, "security sources" told Reuters Friday.

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    VICE workers decide they need a union

    Gawker Media, Salon, the Guardian and, now, VICE.

    Editorial employees at VICE Media have signed up with The Writers Guild of America, East, as had Gawker and Salon. Those at the Guardian went with a branch of the Communications Workers of America.

    The VICE group is a small one of about 80 people. But the move continues a rapid recent trend of media workers opting for unionization and the clear hope of better wages and working conditions.

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    Vice primes 'Mental Health' guide for global launch

    In keeping with its continued push to reach audiences at home and abroad, Vice on Monday launched a multi-part reporting project simultaneously in several different languages.

    "The Vice Guide to Mental Health," a weeklong project devoted to exploring issues related to mental illness, went live today in six languages — including English, Spanish, French and Portuguese — and in 15 international territories.

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