September 17, 2020

MediaWise Rating: Not Legit

On Sept. 3 a video surfaced on Twitter that appears to show Joe Biden calling for the arrest of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who was shot by police on March 13. The video comes from a Q&A session during a public speaking event in Delaware. But did Biden really say that?

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To figure out if this statement is accurate, a keyword search including the date and location leads directly to the full video. Viewing an unedited video of the exchange will provide the full context of the statement.

This clip DOES show Biden saying, “I do think there’s a minimum of, they need to be charged and as well as Breonna Taylor.” But is that really all there is?

What’s the context?

The reporter’s question can provide more clarity: “Last week your running mate said that the officer who shot Jacob Blake … should be charged. Do you agree with her and do you also believe the same for the officers who were involved in the death of Breonna Taylor?”

Biden was answering this question about Jacob Blake, and answered the second part of the question by suggesting that the officers who arrested Breonna Taylor should be charged as well. He did clearly misspeak when responding, but his intention in that context is clear.

What are other sources saying?

A quick keyword search on the topic shows that most coverage of this statement recognizes that Biden is talking about the officers who shot Taylor and not Taylor herself. This shows that the context is clear and we are able to understand Biden’s intention clearly.

Our rating

Biden was not suggesting the arrest of Breonna Taylor. He was referring to the officers involved in her death. It is misleading to only use his answer without the full context of the question. This claim is not legit.


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