March 3, 2021

A video from a YouTube channel called the Vaccinate Humanity Foundation has been shared across social media, making several baseless claims. The video falsely states that five nurses in the United Kingdom have died from the COVID-19 vaccine, that COVID-19 pass cards will be required to work and hold a bank account, and that those who resist the vaccine will be sent to “camps to be reeducated.” Here’s how we fact-checked it.

Who’s behind this information?

Fact-checking 101: Always check the person or people behind viral claims. We decided to start by reading the “About” tab on the Vaccinate Humanity Foundation’s YouTube channel.

According to the channel description, the foundation is run by someone named Sandra Kravitz. It also says the Vaccinate Humanity Foundation is “working with the United Nations, Bill Gates Foundation (sic) and other organizations.”

Doing a quick keyword search of the name Sandra Kravitz on Google brought up no relevant results — not even a LinkedIn profile for Kravitz or the organization itself came up.

We then searched for  “Vaccinate Humanity Foundation” on Google. Again, no relevant results.

Just to be absolutely sure, we checked the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website, which includes a list of partners under the Vaccine Development and Surveillance page. The page makes no mention of the Vaccinate Humanity Foundation.

It looks like this YouTube channel is falsely associating itself with actual organizations to make it look like it is a credible source of vaccine information. In reality, they are linking Bill Gates and the U.N. to a bunch of negative claims about vaccines.

Look for evidence

The first claim this video makes is that five U.K. nurses died as a result of receiving the vaccine. Weirdly enough, the video just uses text and basic stock images and doesn’t provide any evidence within the video. Looking at the video description, there is a link to a Reuters article. However, this article has nothing to do with the claims made in the video. Instead, the article fact-checks an unrelated claim about a nurse in Alabama.

Try a keyword search

Since the YouTube video provides no real evidence, let’s turn to a keyword search. Using words like “5 UK nurses” and “COVID vaccine” brought up another fact-check from Reuters. But don’t worry, this time it’s related. Reuters fact-checked this same video.

According to the article, Reuters emailed several U.K. government officials asking them for clarification about this claim, but all said they had no reports of any nurse or midwife dying after taking the vaccine.

The YouTube video also claims that you’ll need a “COVID pass card” to work, hold a bank account or travel, and that if you resist the vaccine you risk being sent to a camp to be reeducated. Luckily, Reuters covered this, too.

According to the article, a spokesperson for the U.K. government said there is no truth to any of these claims.


NOT LEGIT. There is simply no record of five U.K. nurses dying after receiving the vaccine. The United Kingdom government has also said there is absolutely no truth to the claims that people will need a COVID-19 pass card or risk being sent off to be “reeducated.”

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