Fact-checked by: Raskrinkavanje

2020/03/22 | Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia

FALSE: ID2020 Alliance aims to microchip all allowing vaccine administration

Explanation: Allegations drawing parallels with ID2020, vaccines, microchips, etc., began disseminating online throughout the region long before the official pandemic proclamation. The initial stories did not entail claims contingent to COVID-19. However, as pandemic was progressing, this story has been subsequently updated with various other elements, including yet non-existent vaccine for COVID-19. The terminology used in linking the ID2020 Alliance and COVID-19 includes "Digital Certificate"and "Quantum Dot Tattoos" often portrayed as the same in meaning. The truth is that “Quantum Dot Tattoos" does not exemplify "Digital Certificate" nor the "microchip implant", yet they were connected in this conglomerate of a story. All of the theories are solely conspiracies and scientifically unsubstantiated.

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This false claim originated from: Online Media

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