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What is the International Fact-Checking Network?

The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at Poynter was launched in 2015 to bring together the growing community of fact-checkers around the world. The network advocates for information integrity in the global fight against misinformation and supports fact-checkers through networking, capacity building and collaboration. IFCN’s network reaches more than 170 fact-checking organizations worldwide through advocacy, training and global events. Our team monitors trends in the fact-checking field to offer resources to fact-checkers, contribute to public discourse and provide support for new projects and initiatives that advance accountability in journalism.

We believe truth and transparency can help people be better informed and equipped to navigate harmful misinformation.

Code of Principles

For organizations that aspire to abide by our commitment to fact-checking excellence.

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The world’s largest annual conference to convene fact-checkers, share resources and explore the field’s future.

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Training and Resources

Master the art of fact-checking and improve your media literacy skills.

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CoronavirusFacts Alliance

Unite with fact-checkers around the world to publish the truth about COVID-19.

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