The International Fact-Checking Network

The International Fact-Checking Network is a unit of the Poynter Institute dedicated to bringing together fact-checkers worldwide. The IFCN was launched in September 2015 to support a booming crop of fact-checking initiatives by promoting best practices and exchanges in this field.

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The International Fact-Checking Network:

The IFCN team is director Baybars Örsek (, program manager Ferdi Ferhat Özsoy (, international training project manager Alanna Dvorak ( ), and reporter Harrison Mantas ( 

To find out more, consult to International Fact-Checking Network’s Bylaws enacted on September 24, 2020, read our transparency statement or email us at


AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

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Former President Donald Trump (zz/KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPx)

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