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International Factchecking Day 2024

International Factchecking Day 2024

April 2 marks International Fact-Checking Day, a global initiative that recognizes the crucial role of accurate information in an interconnected world. As we celebrate this day, we recognize the vital work of fact-checkers worldwide who dedicate their efforts to upholding facts. At the International Fact-Checking Network, we believe that elevating facts is not solely the responsibility of professionals, but rather a collective effort involving public participation and all sectors of society. By elevating fact-checking and promoting credible sources, we can foster a healthy information ecosystem where facts prevail. Join us in recognizing that #FactsMatter in building a more informed and resilient society, on #FactcheckingDay and every day.

The first International Fact-Checking Day was launched by the IFCN in 2016 to celebrate and highlight the important work of fact-checkers worldwide. We’ve celebrated it every year since. 

In 2024, the IFCN will observe the day with the following activities:

State of the Fact-Checkers, a report and accompanying webinar on the makeup and characteristics of the world’s factchecking organizations that abide by the IFCN Code of Principles, as determined by a recent survey of the IFCN signatories. The Code of Principles sets high standards for transparency, independence and rigor in fact-checking journalism. We invite fact-checkers, stakeholders and the general public to learn more about the diversity and scope of the IFCN community. The IFCN staff will present the State of the Fact-Checkers via a public webinar on April 2 at 9 am ET (GMT -4). Registration details here.

A series of guest essays from fact-checkers around the world, reflecting on the challenges and hopes for fact-checking in an age of misinformation.

A gift for factcheckers themselves — a training opportunity to learn how to identify misinformation and its trends on the Telegram app, led by noted investigative journalist Jane Lytvynenko. The training will take place April 4 at 9:30 am ET (GMT -4) and will be recorded for IFCN signatories. Registration details here.

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