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Alexios Mantzarlis

Faculty & Director, Poynter's International Fact-Checking Network
The Poynter Institute
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Alexios Mantzarlis joined Poynter to lead the International Fact-Checking Network in September of 2015. In this capacity he writes about and advocates for fact-checking. He also trains and convenes fact-checkers around the world.

As Director of the IFCN, Alexios has helped draft the fact-checkers' code of principles, shepherded a partnership between fact-checkers and Facebook, testified to the Italian Chamber of Deputies on the "fake news" phenomenon and helped launch International Fact-Checking Day. In January 2018 he was invited to join the European Union's High Level Group on fake news and online disinformation. He has also drafted a lesson plan for UNESCO and a chapter on fact-checking in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections in Truth Counts, published by Congressional Quarterly.

Alexios previously served as Managing Editor of Pagella Politica (Disclosure) and FactCheckEU, respectively Italy's main political fact-checking website and the EU's first multilingual crowd-checking project. While at Pagella Politica, he presented weekly fact-checking segments on Virus, a prime time talk show airing on national broadcaster RAI 2.

Before becoming a fact-checker, he worked for the United Nations and the Italian Institute for International Political Studies.

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