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The world’s largest and most impactful fact-checking summit will return to the in-person stage after two years of virtual conventions. GlobalFact, hosted by Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), will take place June 22-25, 2022, at the Oslo Metropolitan University’s City Center Campus in Oslo, Norway. 

Creators, consumers and champions of fact-based reporting are invited to attend this ninth annual assembly to discuss the state and future of fact-checking amid a global pandemic and infodemic. Partners in the fight against misinformation, including IFCN signatories from more than 60 different countries, will collaborate to discuss best practices and spark meaningful discourse. 

Participants will be immersed in four days of forward-thinking sessions that inspire robust conversations surrounding the critical role facts play in the universal information ecosystem. Attendees will have the opportunity to customize their schedule and join discussions on topics surrounding the mis- and disinformation escalating society’s most pressing issues. 

The summit features a number of tracks for everyone who stands for truth and transparency in journalism including fact-checkers, journalists, technologists, policy makers, leaders, educators and citizens: 

  • The flagship Editorial Track will bring practitioners together to foster discussion on fact-checking, verification, community trust, newsroom economics and management. 
  • The Academic Track, designed in partnership with the Digital Journalism Research Group at Oslo Metropolitan University, will feature presentations by scholars on misinformation, online trust, information integrity and related topics. 
  • The digitally-minded participants will enjoy exploring topics such as automated fact-checking, the role of artificial intelligence, the ethics of algorithms, and the tools for fact-checking on dark social and closed messaging apps in the Developers Track
  • In the Executive Track, leaders of fact-checking organizations will be offered mentoring and coaching sessions from industry experts to help them develop their skills in management, fundraising, partnerships and teamwork. 
  • The Media Literacy Track will cater to those interested in bridging the digital divide that viral misinformation has created across the internet and social media platforms through digital media literacy innovation, programs and partnerships.
  • Those interested in the fundamentals of running a fact-checking organization will delve into the challenges industry professionals face in the Sustainability Track such as harassment, fundraising, revenue generation and communication. 

Together, we’ll form alliances to address misinformation on a global scale.

More than 3,000 people have attended GlobalFact conferences since 2014. The in-person conference has taken place in London, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Rome and Cape Town, where more than 300 participants from 55 countries convened in 2019. As the pandemic evolved during 2020 and 2021, thousands of people across 16 time zones were able to attend the summit’s virtual experience. Major projects and initiatives have originated at GlobalFact, including International Fact-Checking Day, IFCN’s Code of Principles, and partnerships with big tech corporations.


3-day in-person ticket (June 23-25 without the Academic Track): $300
Available until May 20
IFCN’s verified signatories are provided with free access

4-day in-person ticket (June 22-25 with the Academic Track): $350
Available until May 20
IFCN’s verified signatories are provided with free access

Virtual ticket (June 23-25): $100
Available until June 24
Free for IFCN’s verified signatories

Are you a verified signatory to the IFCN’s Code of Principles interested in attending GlobalFact 9? If so, email to request a code for registration free of charge.


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Special guests

Anne Applebaum

Patrícia Campos Mello

DonovanJoan - Megan O'Neil

Joan Donovan, PhD

Jane Lytvynenko

Peter McIndoe Headshot

Peter McIndoe

Craig Silverman


Each day of the summit will feature seven hours of forward-thinking sessions to inspire lively discussions surrounding the important role facts play in society. Topics may include:

  • The state and future of automated fact-checking
  • Policy and regulation debates from fact-checkers’ perspectives
  • Collaboration among fact-checkers
  • Deploying fact-checking as a product for sustainable revenue
  • Fact-checking health-related claims in the age of COVID-19
  • Conversations with tech platforms
  • Cybersecurity for fact-checkers and journalists
  • ClaimReview and MediaReview
  • Fact-checking elections in different parts of the world

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Speakers will be added to the schedule as they are confirmed. The agenda is subject to change.  

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