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    Neil Brown

    Neil Brown is the president of The Poynter Institute. He joined Poynter in September 2017, after serving as the editor and vice president of the Tampa Bay Times.

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    Kelly McBride

    Kelly McBride is a writer, teacher and one of the country’s leading voices when it comes to media ethics. She has been on the faculty of The Poynter Institute since 2002 and is now its senior vice president.


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    Cheryl Carpenter

    Cheryl Carpenter is a leadership faculty member at The Poynter Institute. In 2017 and 2018, she coached four newspapers through their performance management challenges in Poynter's Table Stakes program.

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    Al Tompkins

    Al Tompkins is The Poynter Institute’s senior faculty for broadcasting and online. He has taught thousands of journalists, journalism students and educators in newsrooms around the world.

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    Doris Truong

    As director of training and diversity at Poynter, Doris Truong is responsible for overseeing in-person training — at the institute and in newsrooms — as well as online courses.

Senior Leadership

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    Kelly McBride

    Kelly McBride is a writer, teacher and one of the country’s leading voices when it comes to media ethics. She has been on the faculty of The Poynter Institute since 2002 and is now its senior vice president.

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    Leah Bickley

    Leah Bickley is The Poynter Institute’s Partnerships & Events Manager. In this role, she oversees the day-to-day management of training partnership contracts and partner events.

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    Tina Dyakon

    Tina Dyakon is Poynter's director of advertising and marketing. She works to inspire journalists and professional communicators to connect with Poynter to improve skills and enrich careers. 

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    Vidisha Priyanka

    Vidisha Priyanka is currently working with Poynter NewsU as the Interactive Learning Manager. She teaches multimedia, video and interactive storytelling, analytics and user engagement to professional journalists, onsite and online.

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    Wendy Wallace

    Wendy Wallace leads Poynter's marketing and development team as Director of Advancement. She works closely with foundations, corporations and individuals who support Poynter's teaching and other work.


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    Barbara Allen

    Barbara Allen is the managing editor of She spent two decades in local media in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in education at her alma mater, Oklahoma State University.

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    Bobbi Alsina

    Bobbi Alsina is the assistant to the president at The Poynter Institute. She previously worked at the Tampa Bay Times newspaper. At Poynter she has served as the assistant to three presidents, three deans and program assistant for leadership, broadcast, writing and ethics.

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    Katy Byron

    Katy Byron is a third generation journalist with more than 15 years experience in social media, TV, print and digital news. She joined The Poynter Institute as the Editor & MediaWise Program Manager in October, 2018.

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    Kimberly Daorerk

    Kimberly Daorerk serves as a teaching and event services coordinator at Poynter. She has a degree in communications and handles customer support for NewsU.

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    Andrew DeLong

    Andrew DeLong serves as the Teaching & Event Services Director at Poynter where he is responsible for the administrative and logistical support for internal and external seminars and special events.

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    Vanessa Goodrum

    Vanessa Goodrum is an Interactive Learning Producer for News University. She has more than 14 years of Web development experience, ranging from interface design to production to project planning and management.

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    Mel Grau

    Mel Grau is the marketing communications writer at The Poynter Institute. 

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    Allison Graves

    Allison Graves is a multimedia reporter with Poynter's MediaWise Project. She was previously a PolitiFact Florida staff writer based in St. Petersburg, Fla. Before PolitiFact Florida, she held a year-long internship with PolitiFact National and reported for PolitiFact Missouri.

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    Nico Guerrero, SHRM-CP, PHR

    Nico Guerrero has held various positions since she joined the Poynter staff in 2000. Currently, she is the Director of Human Resources. Nico has a B.A. in Human Resources Administration from St. Leo University and holds a SHRM-CP and PHR certification.

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    Hiwot Hailu

    Hiwot Hailu is a media reporter at Poynter and is working with its MediaWise project. Before joining Poynter, she previously worked as a digital content producer for the NBC-affiliate in Charlotte.


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    Angie Holan

    Angie Drobnic Holan is the editor of PolitiFact. She previously was deputy editor, and before that a reporter for PolitiFact, helping launch the site in 2007. She was a member of the PolitiFact team that won the Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the 2008 election.

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    Josie Hollingsworth

    Josie Hollingsworth is PolitiFact's audience engagement fellow. Previously, she worked in audience engagement, expanding social platforms and website production at The Seattle Times and the Tampa Bay Times.

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    Vanya Iliev

    Vanya Iliev is an interactive learning producer at Poynter's News University. She brings her journalistic, video production, design and development skills to NewsU. 

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    Louis Jacobson

    Louis Jacobson is the senior correspondent for PolitiFact and a staff writer for the Tampa Bay Times. He has served as deputy editor of Roll Call and as founding editor of its legislative wire service, CongressNow.

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    Maria Jaimes

    Maria Jaimes serves as senior teaching & event services coordinator at The Poynter Institute.

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    John Kruzel

    John Kruzel is a staff writer at PolitiFact. He previously covered politics at ABC News, where he received an Emmy nomination for his work on 2016 presidential debates.

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    Jessi Marie McCarthy

    Jessi Marie McCarthy maintains collaborative relationships with training partners and members as part of the teaching & event services team. She coordinates and supports the annual Azbee Awards of Excellence for ASBPE, as well as planning and execution for group events at Poynter.

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    Sara O'Brien

    Sara O'Brien is the multimedia designer for The Poynter Institute. She specializes in video and graphic design. Before joining Poynter, she spent 12 years working in television as a producer and creative manager for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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    Tong Phum

    Tong Phum serves as The Poynter Institute’s Facility Manager, overseeing its premier headquarters in St. Petersburg. Tong plays an instrumental role in supporting Poynter’s in-person teaching capacity and the Innovation Lab @ Poynter.

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    Dulce Ramos

    Dulce Ramos is a Mexican journalist and Program Manager for the International Fact-Checking Network, for The Poynter Institute. In 2014, when she was the Executive Editor of news site Animal Politico, she led the efforts for the first fact-checking project in Mexico called The Bloodhound.

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    Katie Sanders

    Katie Sanders is the managing editor of PolitiFact. Previously, she fact-checked talking heads and opinion-shapers for PunditFact as well as the Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott for PolitiFact Florida, reporting from the Tallahassee bureau of the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald.

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    Aaron Sharockman

    Aaron Sharockman is the executive director of PolitiFact, the largest fact-checking organization in the United States. Aaron leads the growth and development of PolitiFact, manages its outreach and news partnerships, and oversees new initiatives and product development.

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    Amy Sherman

    Amy Sherman is a staff writer with PolitiFact based in South Florida. She was part of the team that launched PolitiFact Florida in 2010 and was part of the PolitiFact team during the 2016 election. She previously worked as a staff writer for the Miami Herald and the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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    Latishia Williams

    Latishia Williams has worked with The Poynter Institute for more than 25 years in roles from Accounting Assistant to her current position as Staff Accountant.

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